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The hallway and hallway are the first impression when you enter a house. And what is it so aptly said? There is no second chance for the first impression. Good lighting in the hallway is therefore a basic prerequisite for presenting yourself appropriately. But it's not just about setting the scene visually. Bright lighting also signals safety in your hallway. And finally, well thought-out lighting even creates a pleasant atmosphere when you enter your hallway or hallway. We show you how to illuminate hallways and hallways optimally.

Basics of hallway and hallway lighting

First, it's important to understand the basics of lighting to ideally illuminate your hallway or hallway. Consider factors such as the size of the room, ceiling height, design and purpose. These factors will influence your decisions on lighting choice, luminaire positioning and light intensity.

Main lighting

Main lighting predominantly revolves around illuminating the entire corridor or hallway as brightly as possible. Ideally, it illuminates the entire room evenly. This guarantees optimum orientation and provides the necessary safety. In most cases, this can be achieved with a central ceiling luminaire or even a chandelier. Choose a pleasant light colour for the lamps. The light should be neither too warm nor too cold.

Accent lighting

Wall luminaires, spotlights or recessed luminaires can be used to create beautiful accents. Properly placed, they accentuate certain architectural features. An example: you could also illuminate works of art or certain wall decorations, thus placing a focal point on them. Ideally, you thus visually enlarge the hallway and hallway. Accent lighting thus creates an interesting atmosphere and highlights certain areas.

Staircase lighting

If there are stairs in your hallway or hallway, you should urgently consider stair lighting. This can be easily solved with small LED lamps mounted along the steps. An alternative: you install recessed spotlights on the walls to illuminate the stairs on the one hand and create a decorative effect on the other. Staircase lighting ensures very good visibility of the steps. This again increases safety.

Use natural light

When lighting your hallway or hallway, always remember that there is also natural light. If light enters your hallway or hallway through windows or skylights, it pays to keep these areas free of furniture or curtains. This is because natural light adds a vibrancy to your space and is the ideal complement to your lighting.

Light switches and dim lights

When planning your lighting, make sure that the light switches are easy to reach and arrange them logically. Maybe also install a dimmer to be able to adjust the light intensity. This way you can flexibly adjust the light in your hallway depending on the time of day, brightness or your mood.

Design and aesthetics

In addition to the lighting itself - i.e. the functionality - the design of the luminaires also plays a role, of course. Ideally, you should choose lamps that match the style of your hallway. There are countless options for hallway lighting, among which you are guaranteed to find the right one for you. Whether your style is modern, classic or more rustic, you are sure to find what you are looking for among the many different lamps for your hallway. Also, don't forget to choose the size of the lamps in a good proportion to the size of the room.

Energy-saving options

Climate change affects us all. At the same time, electricity costs are also rising rapidly. So it's actually worth paying attention to the energy caused by the lighting in your hallway and hallway from several points of view. So be smart and choose energy-efficient light sources such as LED lamps. They are long-lasting and consume significantly less electricity than other light sources. At the same time, they are mercury-free. In this way, you reduce energy costs while enjoying high-quality lighting.

Personal touch

Once the main lighting, stair lighting and accent lighting have been set, the most important points have already been successfully dealt with. Now it's time to give your hallway and hallway a personal touch. Personal elements such as decorative lamps, wall pictures or other lighting objects reflect your personality and create a very individual, inviting atmosphere.


The hallway is the first room when you enter a house. This makes it all the more important to take a close look at a lighting concept. This not only has an impact on safety in your hallway but also on the spatial effect. Ultimately, a perfect lighting solution for your corridor or hallway can greatly enhance your entrance area. Add your personal touch and give your home an inviting and stylish ambience.

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