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Stylish decorative element, "light figure", around which everything gathers at dinner, or a stylistic lighting device with which you can skilfully set the scene for a particular living area: Pendant lights are true all-rounders. They play a major role in shaping the atmosphere in a room, set exciting accents or blend harmoniously into the overall picture. Used correctly, pendant lights offer a number of advantages which we are pleased to present to you here.

Finding the right piece for every taste

Pendant lights cover just about the entire range of shapes, colours, materials, sizes and styles imaginable. From classic to modern, from unusual to reserved, from gaudy to discreet. Those who are spoilt for choice also have numerous lighting design options. For this reason, we dare to say with a clear conscience: it doesn't fit, it doesn't exist! In our wide range of products, you are sure to find a pendant light that harmonises perfectly with your interior style. Fabric-covered lampshades, models made of metal, plastic or natural materials such as wood continue to be very popular. In recent years, designers have increasingly rediscovered glass, thanks to new developmens in glass processing. It is unbelievably flexible and can be shaped into any desired form - whether bulbous or flat, wavy or smooth. Glass can also be combined with materials such as wood, textiles or metal, creating interesting effects. Whether retro, vintage or country house style, industrial design or so-called cage luminaires made of minimalist wire or metal frame: pendant lights made of glass are real all-rounders. LED pendant lights with curved LED light bodies also guarantee a WOW effect in your home. With their modern, sometimes extravagant, sometimes elegant design, these lights will conjure up lightness and fresh verve in your living area.

With or without light bulb

In our online assortment you will find both pendant lights, where you can select the bulb and thus the light colour yourself, as well as those which have a permanently installed LED board. Modern LED technology in particular has made a number of exciting designs possible, turning the classic light into a real trendsetter again.

Skilful positioning of pendant lights

Pendant lights are fundamentally suitable both for providing ambient lighting and for deliberately setting highlights in the home. So the first step is to define the exact purpose of your desired lamp. If you want to illuminate a large area, you need a wide beam angle that produces a correspondingly large light cone. If a piece of furniture or, for example, your reading corner is to be highlighted, a smaller beam angle is required. The size of the light cone is determined by the height at which the pendant luminaire is mounted. On the other hand, the design of the light or lampshade also has an influence. Tip: The height of most pendant lights can be adjusted during installation. In our range, you will also find height-adjustable pendant lights that can also be adjusted after installation and can adapt to changing requirements at any time.

Hanging cosily in the living room

Pendant lights are ideal for setting individual living areas centre stage. They should therefore always be closely positioned to certain furniture, which they deliberately bring to light. An individually positioned pendant light in the middle of the living room quickly looks lost. In larger rooms, you should generally avoid a central position. More comfort and atmosphere is created by so-called accent lighting, which directs the eye to particular details. Above a beautiful chest of drawers, for example, a pendant light and a piece of furniture can together become a real highlight. Pendant lights are also important design elements that underline your style of living and help you deliberately create exciting contrasts. So dare to break with style by combining a modern sideboard with a pendant light in vintage look or an old dining table with a light in modern design. Tip: Create small islands of light in large rooms. These prevent the room from looking boring or making you feel like an operating theatre if the lighting is too uniform. It is only the interplay of zones with weaker and stronger lighting that creates an atmosphere that is both varied and cosy.

Finding the right lighting recipe for the dining room and kitchen with pendant lights

Due to the fact that pendant lights mainly focus light downwards, positioning in the dining room above the table or in the kitchen directly above the work surface is ideal. Most of the pendant lights in our range are height-adjustable, so you can position them perfectly to suit your needs. When mounting above the dining table, make sure that the table surface is well illuminated without obstructing the sitters' field of vision or dazzling them. For a rectangular or extendable table, several luminaires arranged side by side or multi-flame pendant luminaires are therefore best suited. As a rule of thumb, the distance between table and luminaire should be at least 60 centimetres. Tip: In the dining room, consider a dimmer. This allows the lighting to be regulated to suit the mood and occasion. The kitchen island is an area for which many people want not only functional but also decorative lighting. One more reason to install our pendant lights here. They provide good illumination of the work area without disturbing the atmosphere, which is especially important in the direction of an open living area. In large kitchens, you can easily reach for slightly larger lights or lampshades. Thanks to the variety of models and styles in our range, you are sure to find the right model for your kitchen. Tip: The distance between lights and worktop should be around 65 to 85 cm so that you do not bump your head against the lights or disturb the lighting when working in the kitchen.

Fantastic ideas for your bedroom lighting

In the bedroom, pendant lights are an eye-catcher and provide ambient lighting for the room, provided that the room height is suitable for this purpose. However, pendant lights suspended low above bedside tables are also becoming increasingly popular. Rightly so, in our opinion, because this is how pendant lights visually frame the sleeping area, creating a particularly balanced atmosphere. A further advantage: anyone opting for a pendant lights by the bed gains space at the bedside table, which is usually not particularly spacious anyway, and is given valuable storage space. If the lights can also be dimmed, you can create different moods. Browse through our range!

Pendant lights: ideal for heigh-ceilinged rooms

There is no question: rooms with very high ceilings give the impression of freedom and true greatness. However, they can also quickly appear cold and uncomfortable. Pendant lights are a perfect way of avoiding just that. They bring light exactly where it is needed and draw attention to the furnishings. The height of the room itself takes a back seat, creating cosiness and atmosphere. The options available to you are wide ranging. Choose, for example, from the numerous opulent or classic chandeliers that you will find in our online range. Even modern, artistically designed light objects become real eye-catchers in such rooms, which suit anyone who appreciates a certain degree of extravagance. If you wish, you can also mount several pendant lights of differing lengths in a high-ceilinged room - preferably arranged as a group. Combined in this way, they focus light and soften the "hall effect" of large room heights.

Chic solo talents or stylish group dynamics

Do you want to create an island of light in your living room, highlight an object or make a statement in a high-ceilinged room? Then individual pendant lights are a very good choice. However, just above the dining table or a kitchen island a group of lights or a multi-flame light makes an even stronger impression. Firstly, they provide significantly more light; secondly, they often make a more coherent or interesting overall impression. Whether you position the same lights in a row or use an arrangement of different lampshades is entirely up to your personal taste. For example, if you want to set a colourful accent in a very bright and uniform furnishing style, you can opt for lights of different colours. A colourful mix of different lampshades in different colours and shapes also creates a surprising visual effect and looks particularly good in combination with Scandinavian furnishing styles, country house or shabby chic.

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