Floor Lamps

Stehleuchten und Stehlampen von Globo Lighting!
Gehören zu jedem Raum. Flexibel, funktional und vielfältig einsetzbar.
Sie beleuchten einen großen Raumbereich mit sanft gedämpftem, indirektem Licht.

Stehleuchten und Stehlampen von Globo Lighting! Gehören zu jedem Raum. Flexibel, funktional und vielfältig einsetzbar. Sie beleuchten einen großen Raumbereich mit sanft gedämpftem, indirektem Licht. read more »
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Floor Lamps

Stehleuchten und Stehlampen von Globo Lighting!
Gehören zu jedem Raum. Flexibel, funktional und vielfältig einsetzbar.
Sie beleuchten einen großen Raumbereich mit sanft gedämpftem, indirektem Licht.

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Floor Lamps

Down-to-earth all-rounder: The floor lamp

They are extremely flexible, practical and a functional piece of furniture which, if desired, can be a real eye catcher. Floor lamps are a real jack-of-all-trades when it comes to producing the right light at the right time. We will show you what you should look out for when making your choice.

If you want to create atmospheric light in your rooms, you basically have to ensure that two success factors interact: install a bulb that provides pleasant ambient lighting and also selective highlights that give the room more structure. Floor lamps can do both!

Soft ambient lighting or accent lighting: floor lamps can be used flexibly!

With a floor lamp whose light beam is directed towards the ceiling, you can bathe a relatively large area of a room in a softly muted indirect light that creates a homely atmosphere, especially in the evening hours. Depending on the colour of the ceiling and walls, the light is reflected back into the room to a greater or lesser extent. This makes it appear softer and more evenly distributed than with direct lighting.

Classical lampshades, on the other hand, are ideal for creating cosy islands of light and specifically drawing more attention to a particular area of a room. If the rest of the room is left in twilight, they create beautiful accents, for example around the sofa or your favourite armchair. Floor lamps also have the advantage that their height in the middle of the room means they produce a warmer light than a bright ceiling lamp.

Placing instead of mounting: floor lamps save space and assembly work

In our online assortment you have the choice between classic floor lamps with a straight base and shade, light bases with a cover made of paper, textile or other materials, which are completely illuminated from inside, as well as arc lamps with a large "reach". These various designs and materials ensure a wide range of applications and guarantee that you will find a model that exactly meets your wishes and requirements.

What all floor lamps have in common: they save space, are quickly assembled and require absolutely no manual skill to put them into operation. They therefore do not need to be installed and can therefore change their position at any time. This makes them an all-round talent that cuts a fine figure in any room (apart from damp rooms)!

Large variety of colours, shapes and materials

The large selection of different designs which we offer in our online range, ensures that you will find exactly the floor lamp that fits harmoniously into your home. Whether in an industrial look with rough workshop charm, classic, Scandinavian minimalism, natural country house style or modern interpretation - floor lamps are available in all imaginable styles. If a fabric sheathing envelops the entire lamp, it looks like an artistic lighting object. But all options are also open to you with the classic shade free-standing lights: whether made of wood, paper, glass or textile in a wide variety of colours - depending on your preference, you can make a modern statement in the living room, a piece of romance in the bedroom or a peppy "hello" in the hallway.

Essentially, lampshades made of fabric conjure up cosiness in your living room. Lampshades or covers made of glass look timeless and elegant. Wood always provides a natural warmth in the room, metal on the other hand looks rather cool, but also a touch more glamorous. In addition to rattan and wood, bamboo and raffia are natural materials that are in demand and create a beautiful lighting atmosphere. After all, these floor lamps usually have warm colours and soft surfaces. They make you feel a little closer to nature. In addition, these materials create a sense of cosiness, especially in open, generously planned living spaces that otherwise quickly become cold. Moreover, such natural materials are elegant and harmonise with all interior styles.

The floor lamp: at home in almost every room

With a little creativity you can find a suitable place for a beautiful floor lamp in almost any room. Floor lamps are especially popular in the living room. Once basic lighting has been provided here - which, incidentally, can also be provided by uplighter floor lamps - individual lighting zones create a particularly cosy atmosphere. Whether your favourite armchair for reading, the area around the sofa or the living room table - where you spend a lot of time, you generally need supplementary lighting. Floor lamps are almost always the right choice in the living room. Not only are they ideal for reading, they are also decorative room elements. To create this effect, however, you should make sure that you give the floor lamp enough space. Otherwise, the living room will soon appear cluttered and the decorative effect of the lamp will be lost. For reading corners, models with a shade that opens downwards to focus the light where you need it, are suitable.

Many people have also discovered that the floor lamp is an ideal "lighting companion" for television. Watching television without supplementary light harms the eyes because too much light/dark contrast is very tiring for them in the long run. Floor lamps provide a pleasant indirect light and are in many cases dimmable. Therefore, you can take the strain off your eyes perfectly when watching television. When positioning them, however, make sure that the light is not reflected in the TV set when watching television.

In the living room, projecting arc lamps make a particularly great impression. They are functional eye-catchers, lend the room a modern, stylish ambience and enhance any interior. As a reading light by the sofa or comfortable armchair, they never obstruct the view into the room and are not in the way when you get up.

Get to work!

In the office or study, too, you normally need selective, targeted lighting. A floor lamp can be the right choice here. Where several workplaces are distributed throughout a room, positioning floor lamps instead of a central ceiling light can quickly do away with the classic "open-plan office atmosphere" and make for greater comfort.

The decorative alternative to the classic bedside lamp

Floor lamps even cut a good figure in the bedroom. Whether as atmospheric indirect lighting, as an additional light source next to the wardrobe or as functional reading lamp directly by the bed - many floor lamps are just as suitable for the bedroom as classic bedside lamps and often provide a real visual enhancement to the room.

The entrance area is the calling card of your home. It is here that you decide whether guests feel comfortable at first sight or not. This is precisely why a floor lamp - in addition to a ceiling light (link), for example, which provides the appropriate ambient lighting - can significantly enhance the cosiness factor of your corridor.

The right light source for every application

Floor lamps can perform a variety of tasks- depending on the intended use. You should therefore choose the right bulb. In our online range you will find both floor lamps, where you can select your desired bulb and therefore the light colour, and those with a permanently installed LED board. As these are considerably thinner, they give designers more creative freedom. As a result, many exciting models have been launched on the market in recent years, which have proved to be real eye-catchers. Furthermore, LED lamps have the advantage that they are often dimmable, save electricity and have a long life. Some of them are even equipped with an RGB colour changer.

In the case of floor lights without a permanently installed bulb, you can always determine the light colour yourself. Cold white is particularly suitable for reading or working areas, whereas warm white bathes the living area in a relaxed and cosy light.

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