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Table lamps

A grand entrance for small islands of light

They are the masters of accent lighting: table lamps are versatile, functional and particularly suitable for highlighting individual pieces of furniture or favourite objects or for brightening up dark corners. However, table lamps are also very practical and are indispensable as reading lamps or desk lamps at the workplace or in the home office.

In our wide range, you are guaranteed to find the table lamp that perfectly suits your needs.

Real statement pieces for the living area

Table lamps are ideal for putting cherished accessories in the right light. They skilfully draw attention to things that are close to your heart, such as your favourite picture on the sideboard. Table lamps also cut a particularly good figure as a cosy source of light that creates a comfortable atmosphere. Whether on the window sill or as a modern style break on the old chest of drawers from the flea market - table lamps always conjure up a cosy ambience in the living area.

Due to their size, they can be used flexibly. They fit into even the smallest vestibule, into any niche area of the home that has been converted into a home office at short notice and even on narrow sideboards they create enchanting islands of light. If you have a little more space available, you can make the most of the decorative versatility of table lamps and go for a model that is an absolute eye-catcher in the living area. A table lamp made of porcelain, for example, not only provides cosy, warm light, but also looks like a noble, luminous sculpture.

Dimmable models for a skilful change of mood

Especially in the living area, it is advisable to use a lamp with a warm white light colour. It provides a pleasant reddish light that has a cosy and relaxing effect. However, we have different needs for brightness depending on the time of day and our activities. For example, if you place a table lamp next to your reading chair, you should choose a dimmable model whose light intensity can be adjusted quickly and easily.

That's where you like to get behind the work!

At the workplace - whether at the children's bedroom desk or in your office - you should rely on a table lamp that promotes visual performance and visual comfort and supports concentrated work. How do you do that? The best way is with a desk lamp that has a flexibly adjustable arm or an individually adjustable lamp head. This allows you to adjust both the height and the angle of light so that the texts, sketches or objects on which you need to direct your focus are optimally illuminated.

To avoid shadows when writing or drawing, the desk should always be illuminated from the side. In our range, you will therefore also find a number of so-called clamp lamps that can be easily attached to the edge of the desk. Anyone who works a lot at a computer absolutely needs glare-free lighting for their workstation. Reflections on the screen have a disturbing effect and can be avoided most easily with the help of table lamps that can be rotated or swivelled.

Tip: Clip-on lamps are not only practical light dispensers at the desk that take up hardly any space - they also cut a good figure on the bed frame, on bookshelves or on the music stand.

Important: At the workspace, we need light that is as bright and clear as possible. This prevents rapid eye fatigue and distorts the colours on the PC the least. Therefore, a light source with a cold white light colour, i.e. with 5,500 Kelvin and higher, is recommended for desk lamps. The same applies to your bedside lamp if you like to read in bed at night. However, if you see your bedside lamp primarily as a design element, you will tend to go for a pleasantly warm light. You want both? No problem! Some of the table lamps in our range have a colour changer and touch dimmer as well as the option to fix colours.

Lamps are becoming multifunctional

Today, many table lamps can do much more than just provide light. Thanks to new technical possibilities, they bring a lot of comfort to your office or home. Some models in our range, for example, have a wireless charging function, i.e. an integrated charging station for mobile phones. Models with a USB connection for charging mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets are also available. Especially in the case of table lamps in a modern design, there are many with a touch control panel and integrated dimmer, which can be used to adjust the colour temperature or the light colour as desired.

Want to save space and skilfully integrate technology into your furnishing concept? This is also possible with table lamps that have a built-in loudspeaker. These mood-setters among the table lamps can connect to the smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or be controlled via a remote control. Whether in the evening to wind down on the sofa, as a good-mood maker that makes the start of the day easier or as a musical motivation boost for in between - these table lamps accompany you perfectly through the day.

Table lamps: indispensable home accessories for every style

Although they are usually rather small, table lamps help every home to make a grand entrance. Regardless of whether you like it colourful and trendy, natural, in retro design or timeless - in our wide range of products you will find table lamps for every taste and made of the most diverse materials.

Metal mostly dominates the desk lamps. With their simple design, they bring calm and order into the room at the workplace. In a wide variety of colours, these lamps nevertheless provide a creative accent at the desk. Table lamps decorated with shells or lamps made of bamboo conjure up a holiday feeling in your home in no time at all.

A true one-of-a-kind piece can be brought into your home with a salt crystal illuminated from the inside.  Table lamps with acrylic crystals are delicate, playful and elegant. The combination of traditional-classic style with extravagant materials makes for real eye-catchers and the classic textile shade in combination with an elegantly shaped ceramic or wooden base also fits into any living area. If you like it cosy, go for veneer lamps or lamps made of white frosted glass, which bathe the room in a pleasantly softly diffused light.

Replaceable bulb or permanently installed LED board? Decide for yourself! 

Basically, there are several options open to you when choosing the bulb for table lamps, which you should weigh up depending on the desired purpose. Lamps with a classic screw thread can be fitted with a suitable LED bulb. The trend here is clearly going in the direction of LED bulbs, which have a much higher energy and energy efficiency & cost saving than halogen bulbs.  In addition, they have a very long service life. LED bulbs are available in various light colours and some are also dimmable.

Slimline design, full freedom of choice

Models with a permanently installed LED board are also gaining ground among table lamps. Their advantage: they allow for a particularly small and slim design, which opens up completely new design possibilities. Furthermore, they have a service life of at least ten years and are technically full of possibilities. For example, some models with an LED board have an RGB function and can also light up in green, red or blue. Simply look for the reference "RGB" in the product description or the pictograms listed and you can flexibly decide which lighting mood you feel most comfortable with. The light colour can also be freely selected for most desk lamps with integrated LED board - from a warm white tone to daylight.

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