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Ceiling Lights

They do not push themselves into the foreground, but are usually our first choice when we enter a room and want to create light: We are talking about ceiling lights, which unfortunately often receive too little attention in room design. BeAs it is precisely these that can have a huge impact on a room's ambience. Due to their position, they distribute the light very evenly and are therefore in demand where good all-round lighting is required. Whether living room, bedroom/children's room, staircase or outdoor area - ceiling lights can be used flexibly and cut a good figure everywhere! In our range you will find lights in a wide variety of styles - from modern retro style to classic modern lighting. For our ceiling lights we use the most diverse materials, colours, shapes and designs, which are sure to suit your taste! Modern ceiling lights not only brighten up your room, some of them also have a number of smart additional functions that provide more comfort and flexibility. Find out below how to choose the right ceiling light for your room, what the light colour is all about and how to create a really good atmosphere in your home.

The ideal ceiling light for your room

The requirements placed on a bedroom light are different from those of a ceiling light for the entrance area or bathroom. We will explain to you what you should consider when choosing your new ceiling light. Tip: Did you know that you can also filter our lighting options by room? Simply select the room for which you need a new ceiling light in the "Products" menu. You will then be shown a suitable selection from our range.

The right light for the bedroom

In hardly any other room is peace and quiet and thus a comfortable ambience as important as in the bedroom. Here, it is advisable to opt for a light that tends to be visually restrained. Here you will find ceiling lights in discreet designs that ensure harmony in the room. Lights of simple elegance or with modern design accents that are not too obtrusive also fit perfectly into the bedroom or baby room. Do not forget: Bedroom lighting should be both atmospheric and functional. A ceiling light is ideal for distributing light evenly throughout the room. Those who wish can also opt for a light with a night-time function that does not go out completely but always provides a little light. Anyone who needs to get up more often at night or check up on things in the nursery will love these lights, most of which can be controlled by remote control or an app. You should also think about bright, pinpointed lights that allow you to read comfortably in bed or a sitting area in the evening. Suitable options include wall lights with a flexible arm or spots that provide light exactly where it is needed, without disturbing the person next to you in bed.

Creating a cozy atmosphere in the living room

In the living room in particular, it is important to create an ideal lighting atmosphere. Anyone who wants comfort should observe the following rule of thumb: ensure that there is a suitable balance between low-contrast and high-contrast or direct and indirect lighting. How to achieve this? By using different light sources: wide-area lighting - e.g. by a ceiling light - accent lighting and work lighting. Ceiling lights in particular guarantee excellent ambient lighting for the room. Choose a style for the ceiling lights that is reflected in the other lights. Or even better: opt for one and the same series. This guarantees that your lighting is perfectly matched in terms of design and that a harmonious room concept is created. Tip: Ideally, you should choose a dimmable ceiling light for your living room, with which you can easily regulate the brightness. The light colour can also be changed with various ceiling lights in our range. This means that the lighting is ideally suited to your mood or requirements - whether you are concentrating on an activity or simply want to relax in your living room.

Here plays the music

Only the perfect combination of light and sound creates an atmosphere that matches your mood. The times when two separate products were needed are over. Thanks to our current ceiling lights with built-in loudspeaker, which achieve a new milestone in terms of comfort and functionality. Your mobile phone can be connected to these ceiling lights via Bluetooth. Whether it's cosy background music, the latest news or your favourite song - from now on you are only one click away from the "soundtrack" that makes your moment perfect.

More brightness for bathroom, corridor and kitchen

In bathrooms and corridors in particular, but also in kitchens, a light source is needed to distribute brightness as evenly as possible throughout the room. This makes ceiling lights a must-have in these rooms. Here, you can also safely use lamps with a higher lumen rating, around 1000 lumens. In the corridoor and kitchen, ceiling lights are particularly practical because they illuminate every corner and ensure the best possible orientation in the room. With their bright, direct light, they also enable you to work in a concentrated manner. Transform the bathroom into an oasis of wellness? Anyone wanting to do so needs the right combination of practical and atmospheric light. A ceiling light is a must, because it illuminates the room evenly from above. Important before buying your bathroom light: make sure that it meets the required protection class. Wherever water and electricity "come close", special care is needed.

Our ceiling lights for outdoor use

Especially in the summer months, the balcony or terrace becomes a second living room and thus an area that deserves appropriate atmospheric lighting. With ceiling lights you can set beautiful accents in the outdoor area. One important rule applies here: lights used outdoors - even under roof eaves, for example - should be designed precisely for this purpose. Splashing water, for example, must not be able to damage them and they should also be robust against dust. In our range, you will find a number of lights in different sizes that meet these requirements. Due to their efficiency and longevity, we also recommend that you use an LED light bulb.

A true wealth of materials and designs

Interior lighting is like the spices in your food. They prevent your rooms from looking dull. That is why we use a wide range of colours and materials for our ceiling lights to skilfully highlight your interior design - from various metals and plastics to fabrics, glass and crystals. When it comes to form, we can also offer you a wide selection: In addition to the widespread cylindrical shape, we also offer round and square lamps - some with several light sources. In addition, we use a wide range of different colours - from natural tones to eye-catching ones. Just browse through our assortment!

Choose LED ceiling lights or bulbs yourself - the decision is yours!

In our online shop you will find lights where you can select the bulb yourself as well as those with a built-in LED board. In the latter case, less space is required for the bulb, which makes other designs possible. The built-in LED light bulbs usually have a lifetime of at least 20,000 hours and also use considerably less energy than conventional light bulbs. In our online shop you will also find a large selection of ceiling lights, where you can choose the replaceable bulb yourself. This has the great advantage that you can also determine the light colour yourself. Warm white is suitable for the living area, neutral white for the bathroom or hallway, cool white for the work area. The same applies, incidentally, to smart ceiling lights that can be regulated by remote control.

Flat LED ceiling panels

Straight. Practical. Good. Those who like it straightforward will love our trendy LED ceiling panels. These ultra-flat lights have rightly found their way into many offices and living areas. Their advantages are manifold. Thanks to their large surface area and wide lighting angle, the panels produce a light that is perceived as very pleasant and enables concentrated work. They are so flat that they produce a particularly uniform light with very little shadowing. With dimmable models, the luminous intensity can be regulated as required. They are also perfectly suited for rooms with low ceilings. Visually, LED panels are usually kept simple, which is precisely what underlines modern furnishing styles. Whether angular, round or oval - your taste decides. In large rooms, the panels provide wide-area ambient lighting; in narrow corridors, for example, elongated models are ideal space-saving light sources. However, LED panels are not only regarded as the lighting solution of the future because of their design. Their energy balance is also impressive. Compared with conventional light sources, they need up to 60 percent less energy. Even with long burning times, they impress thanks to very low heat generation and in terms of lifetime, they are considered to be real "long-runners".

More than just "light": dimmable lights and Smart Light

Light colour, also known as colour temperature, is expressed in Kelvin and influences whether the light in a room tends to feel cool, neutral or warm. Anyone who appreciates flexibity should therefore use a ceiling light that can switch between warm white (3000 K), neutral white (4000 K) and cool white (6000 K) at the touch of a button using a remote control. The advantage: they always adjust the light to suit the needs and moods of the day. In the morning, when you want to start the day on a cosy note, excessively bright light in the kitchen can be a nuisance. But when you cook in the evening, you need a work area that is fully and as brightly illuminated as possible. With some of our dimmable ceiling lights with built-in lamps, it is also possible to change the colour tones (red, green or blue). However, you do not have to do without this function even with ceiling lights without integrated lamps. We also offer RGB lamps that can be controlled using the remote control supplied.

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