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Solar lights

Solar lights: radiantly beautiful sun worshippers for the outdoor living room

Whether it's a mini-balcony, a large roof terrace or your own garden: if you have your own place outside in summer, you can count yourself lucky. These days, these places are lovingly decorated accordingly. Lounge furniture, decorative cushions and outdoor rugs turn terraces, balconies and gardens into stylish outdoor living rooms. What should not be missing? The right lighting!

Solar lights in particular are perfect for outdoor areas. They create an atmospheric ambience, defy all weathers unlike candles, leave no wax traces and pose absolutely no fire hazard. In our large assortment, you will find lights for every taste and virtually every purpose.

Set it up, charge it, and you're done! 

The best thing about it? No other lighting is as flexible. Solar lights can be placed wherever there is enough sunlight. They do not need electricity and therefore no power connection or corresponding cables. Potential tripping hazards are therefore a thing of the past.

Whether on the balcony, in the farthest corner of the garden, along the driveway or at the campsite - simply set up the solar light and enjoy radiantly beautiful moments! Depending on the place of use, solar lights can be inserted directly into the ground as ground spikes, hung up or set up. Here, too, there are no limits to your imagination!

Important: Are you planning a summer festival or a party and want to set up your solar lights for the first time? Then you should charge them for two days in the sun before using them for the first time. 

Tip: How long a solar light provides light depends on the capacity of the battery on the one hand and on its location on the other. The stronger the battery and the sunnier the location, the longer the lamp will shine in the dark.

Arrive more beautifully: solar lights for the driveway and entrance area

Whether spotlights or path lights - solar lights cut a fine figure as practical companions for the last few metres on the way home. They are as decorative as they are efficient and suitable for everyday use. Especially for driveways or house entrances, the use of solar lights with a motion detector is recommended. Some of the lights in our range have individual regulation options so that you can decide yourself how long they light up or when they become active. Most of them also have an on/off switch that can be used to turn them on and off.

Tip: Solar lights made of stainless steel or aluminium are particularly robust. They easily defy bad weather conditions and usually have a long service life.

Stairs or steps into the garden are also beautifully set off with the help of solar lights, visually delineated and made safe at the same time. The same applies to paths or small steps through the garden that cannot be reached from the house with wall floodlights. Here you have the choice between solar lamps or so-called ground spike lights, which are very easy to set up. Simply stick them into the ground or lawn and you are on the safe side.

Spicing up outdoor areas with decorative solar lights

Gardens, terraces and balconies are valuable oases of relaxation, but also family meeting places and party zones. This is where your personal style of living continues, and seen from the outside, these areas shape the "face" of your home. The right lighting therefore plays just as important a role outdoors as it does indoors.

Thanks to our wide range of solar lights, you are spoilt for choice and can set not only functional but also decorative highlights.

For example, if you want to bring special eye-catchers in your garden into focus even at a late hour, you can use solar lamps as accent lighting. In this way, you can skilfully highlight a free-standing tree, larger bushes, a pretty bamboo, grasses or the garden pond and create dreamlike islands of light. For this purpose, preferably choose solar spotlights with light directed upwards. They turn your favourite plants into natural works of art. This is because they create a certain tension by eliciting a charming play of light and shadow from the leaves and branches. As solar lights are absolutely flexible, they can also be used throughout the summer to provide a stage for those flowers that are at their most beautiful at the moment. Illuminated water - whether a bubbling stone, garden pond or pool - also looks downright magical at night thanks to the right lighting.

Solar garden plugs also guarantee a radiant appearance in the middle of flower beds, flower pots or the lawn. They come in a wide variety of shapes and colours, such as spikes, luminous spheres or blossoms.

Tip: Several islands of light in the garden give it depth and make it appear larger at night.

Whatever you like is allowed

From the classic garden gnome to a Buddha to a favourite animal or the shape of a water lily - anything goes, especially when it comes to decorative solar lights. During the day, they enrich the garden with their bright colours, at dusk they start to glow and thus contribute to the decoration.

Lanterns & fairy lights: the champions among the mood setters

Around Christmas, the magnificent illumination of trees has long been part of the "standard decoration". But even in summer, fairy lights or lanterns create a great atmosphere in the garden and should not be missing at any party. In our assortment, you will find them in a wide variety of designs. For example, in the form of classic light bulbs in retro style, as small lights that seem to drip from a watering can or as decorative butterflies that make every box tree shine.

It's cosy around the seating area 

If you like to spend longer evenings outside in summer, we recommend a combination of general lighting and several small islands of light around the seating area. Solar luminaires are particularly suitable for the latter because they provide discreet lighting. This applies both to table and floor luminaires and to modern lanterns. Solar pendant lights, which can be mounted above the table on the terrace, for example, also provide cosy mood lighting.

Tip: Whether in the form of a lantern, spherical or as metal cages that refract the light beautifully - many solar lights in our range can be placed either upright or hanging.

Technical sophistication for special effects

All solar lights in our range are equipped with the latest LED technology. This has a number of advantages. LEDs have an intense luminosity and a long service life. Moreover, they do not emit UV radiation. For this reason, they attract fewer insects and moths than conventional light sources. 

With many of our solar lights, you can also choose the colour yourself and thus always create the right mood. 

Some models, for example in torch form, display the light with an orange-yellowish flame effect that deceptively imitates the flickering of a real flame. Some of our modern lanterns are also equipped with flickering LEDs, creating a cosy "candle light" feeling.

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