Wall Lights from Globo Lighting

Platzsparende Wandleuchten für Ihr Zuhause!
Planen Sie jetzt Ihre perfekte Beleuchtung mit unseren vielseitigen Modellen.
Multitalente, die dekoratives und stimmungsvolles Licht liefern.

Platzsparende Wandleuchten für Ihr Zuhause! Planen Sie jetzt Ihre perfekte Beleuchtung mit unseren vielseitigen Modellen. Multitalente, die dekoratives und stimmungsvolles Licht liefern. read more »
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Wall Lights from Globo Lighting

Platzsparende Wandleuchten für Ihr Zuhause!
Planen Sie jetzt Ihre perfekte Beleuchtung mit unseren vielseitigen Modellen.
Multitalente, die dekoratives und stimmungsvolles Licht liefern.

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Wall Lights

Versatile all-rounder: the wall light

Wall lights are characterised by the fact that they provide the right light for very different purposes and needs. Depending on model and design, these lamps can perform a wide variety of lighting tasks in a room. Whether room lighting, zone lighting or accent lighting - wall lights can be just the right choice for you.

For this reason, there is not one room that is ideal for wall lights. Rather, wall lights are real all-rounders, providing functional and atmospheric light both indoors and outdoors. This is because they distribute their light in very different ways depending on their design: they flood entire surfaces, individual wall sections or direct their light away from the wall towards a living or work area defined by you.

One important tip in advance: wall lights are space-saving and can be installed anywhere. Nevertheless, in the case of new buildings and conversions, it is advisable to consider in advance where wall lights are to be installed later so that the necessary electrical outlets can be planned accordingly.

Equipped for every task: Where which wall lights do best

As a rule, three elements are combined to skilfully illuminate a room and create a homely atmosphere: ambient or general lighting, zone lighting and mood lighting. Most wall lights are used to create a homely atmosphere with the aid of indirect light. If the wall light is designed to direct light towards the wall, reflection produces a soft, agreeably cosy light. Moreover, there is no glare and, depending on colour temperature, light intensity and light colour, such wall lights can be used to create a very harmonious atmosphere in interiors.

Gentle light sources: using uplights and downlights correctly

Whether the light beam should be directed upwards or downwards can also be determined individually. So-called up- & downlights even form a combination of both variants. There are hardly any limits to their possible applications. Whether in the entrance area, in the living room or even outdoors - the indirect, soft light of wall lamps that does not cast sharp shadows makes for a wonderfully cosy atmosphere.

Tip: Lights that radiate light towards the wall can help make rooms look larger. In low rooms, too, where you want to give them more visual height, it is advisable to install the wall lamp at the top of the wall. Directing the light there visually stretches the room and makes it appear brighter and airier. And they never stand in the way, which is another advantage especially in small rooms!

Your favourite piece set in the right light

Some wall lights are designed in such a way that their light beam can be directed specifically at a certain zone in the room. So if you want one of your favourite pieces to shine brightly in a room, our wall lights can provide wonderful support. With the help of direct light, they are able to put individual pieces of furniture, accessories or selected areas in the spotlight and perfectly complement the basic lighting of a living area. A wall lights comes into its own, for example, when it is placed over a sideboard or chest of drawers in the living room. In our range, you will also find wall lights that have been specially developed to skilfully stage pictures and paintings.

At the workplace or as a reading light in the bedroom, wall lamps can also have advantages. Models with movable arms or wall-mounted spotlights provide the targeted light required in these areas. The same applies to children's rooms. Here, wall lights are a good choice because they cannot be knocked over when playing and thus be damaged. Nevertheless, they still perform their function at the play or work table, for example, where they promote concentration.

Some of our wall lights are also suitable for use in damp interiors and are therefore predestined for use in bathrooms. If, for example, the mirror is framed by matching wall lights, they provide harmonious but glare-free zone lighting, which is particularly important in this area.

Incidentally, wall lights are also suitable for providing basic room lighting because - if they are directed upwards, for example - they distribute light relatively evenly throughout the room and cast hardly any shadows. A corridor, for example, can be bathed in a wonderfully gentle welcoming atmosphere by a wall light directed at the ceiling with sufficient light.

Depending on the area of application, you can also choose from models in our wide range of products that can be operated by a switch directly on the luminaire (suitable e.g. for bedside reading lights).

They create atmosphere, set accents and ensure safety: wall luminaires for outdoor areas

With skilful exterior lighting, you can give the appearance of your house a real "upgrade". It is the lighting of the façade in particular that gives any building that certain something. Wall lights are ideal for this because their light is gently reflected by the walls. This makes them the ideal tool for effective façade lighting and guarantees indirect, glare-free illumination of the entrance area.

There is a choice of wall lights that radiate upwards and downwards, downwards only or upwards only. The decision is entirely up to you. So is the number of lights - depending on whether you want to set the entire house in scene or simply want to get home safely. In any case, light sources are recommended right next to the entrance door, along the house facade to illuminate the home or garden path, as well as by the patio door and on the balcony.

Tip: Wall lights with motion detectors have the advantage that a sensor only activates the light when it detects a movement. This is good for your budget and the environment and yet enhances safety.

Because wall lights mounted outdoors need to withstand rain, depending on their position, but in any case frost and constantly changing conditions, it is essential to ensure IP protection when buying them.

These designs create flair in your four walls

Classic and straightforward? Striking and extravagant? Modern and elegant at the same time? Playful and bold? In complete harmony with your furnishing style or used as a deliberate, attractive contrast? Whatever you have in mind - in our range you will find wall lights in all styles.

Because there are almost no limits to the variety of shapes and colours of wall lights; whether brass, chrome or aluminium. In combination with glass, acrylic crystals, ceramics or in cement look. With ingeniously designed lampshades, designed as single or multiple spotlights or as a wall torch - be inspired by our selection of different colours and shapes! You decide whether your wall light should remain in the background or set a decorative accent.

Tip: For many of our floor lamps, ceiling lamps and spotlights you will find matching wall lights from the same series as an ideal complement. Simply enter the article name in the search function and you will be shown all products in a series.

Energy-efficient and durable: LED wall lights

Modern LED technology has, of course, also long since found its way into wall lights. This makes them particularly energy-efficient and durable. Compared to conventional incandescent lamps, LEDs offer up to 80% energy savings, thus protecting your budget and the environment. In our range you will find both wall lights with a permanently installed LED board and those where you can replace the light source.

Lamps with a fixed LED board have the basic advantage that these designs allow a more compact construction, create more creative freedom for designers and some of these models are also dimmable. Wall lights without a permanently installed light source, on the other hand, allow more flexibility, as you can determine the light colour yourself and change it at any time if you wish.

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