How can I return a purchased item?

You can return the goods to us within 14 days. More details are to be found under "Revocation Policy". For returning unwanted items, please use our Return-Option under your customer account. Shortly after submitting the return application, you will receive an e-mail with a Return Label. Please post this label on the parcel in a visible way and hand over this parcel to the nearest DPD Shop. We will of course bear the return shipping costs. Shipments should include all components and should be in their original intact packaging.

I provided the wrong contact/customer information when placing my order, what can I do?

Contact us as soon as you notice the error. If we have already processed/shipped your order, unfortunately we cannot make any adjustments.

I have not received an order confirmation, what is the reason?

Please check first if the payment has been made correctly. Sometimes the order confirmation can be classified as spam. You are welcome to check again if you can find it in this folder. If you still can't find it, feel free to contact us, maybe you made a spelling mistake in the email address.

Is the shipment insured against damage or loss?

Shipments leaving our warehouse are insured at our expense until receipt of the goods.If a package does not arrive, or the contents are damaged during delivery, please make us aware so that we can organise a replacement for your order.

How much are the incurred shipping costs?

A detailed list of our transport costs can be found under "Delivery".

Through which parcel service do you dispatch the goods?

We send our products through DPD, they have been competent, service-oriented and reliable partner.

Do I receive an order of multiple items in one delivery?

We do our best to dispatch orders as fast as possible and we always try to send out orders in one-time delivery. In cases where this is not possible for various reasons,you will be informed accordingly.

Can I have a package sent to a packing station?

The delivery to a packing station is not possible, due to the size of the packages and the products fragility. This will minimise breakages and work to ensure that items arrive with you safely.

How can I track my delivery?

You can track your delivery via the tracking link listed on the delivery email.

I have only received parts of my order?

You may have ordered many or larger products that we need to pack in more than one package or send as a pallet. The delivery email will tell you how many parcels have been sent to you. If you have collected your order but do not yet have a product, you are welcome to email us and your order may be sent as a partial delivery.

What are the payment methods I can choose from?

We offer a variety of payment methods. You can pay by Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard), Direct Bank Transfer or PayPal.

Are the bulbs included when buying a light fitting?

Not all light fittings from our range are including the required bulb/s.Details can be found under the related product details page. In case you want to search for a suitable bulb, please refer to the menu item "Bulbs" where you can choose from a large selection.

Can I register as a dealer/Distibutor?

Our online-shop currently doesn´t offer a B2B option.However, you can contact us by E-Mail or phone to register as a dealer/distributor. You can find our contact information under "imprint".

What are the advantages of registering for the Newsletter?

By receiving our Newsletter, you will never miss a special offer. You will be periodically informed about our new products, special offers and vouchers. You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time from our Newsletter.


What does the Kelvin information stand for?

The colour tempreture is given by the Kelvin (K). The different possible colors could be devided into three main levels, the warm white light (1000K - 3000K), the neutral white light (4000K - 5000K) and the cool white light (6000K - 8000K). We also have a range of items where you can color change from 3000K to 6000K using a remote or light switch, please look in the related product details for this information.

What does the Lumen information stand for?

Lumen is the internationally standardized unit of luminous flux and it indicates the brightness of a lamp. You can use the lumen indicator to estimate how bright the lamp is. The higher the lumen value, the brighter the lamp. In order to get a feeling about the brightness in comparison to the well-known Watt data, here are some examples:

25W Bulb - ca. 200 Lumen
40W Bulb - ca. 450 Lumen
60W Bulb - ca. 800 Lumen
75W Bulb - ca. 1000 Lumen

Why are there two different lumen indications on the packaging?

The lumen value of the assembled luminaire is indicated on the front side of the packaging, as this is the relevant value for the final consumer. The higher lumen value which is indicated on the side of the packaging refers to the luminous flux of the bulb (e.g., LED board). The difference between these two values is caused by the darkening elements (e.g., frosted glasses, decorative elements).

Why is there a Sensor/Timer information on the packaging although the luminaire doesn´t have a built-in sensor?

The "Sensor / Timer" icon shown on the packaging indicates that this lamp can be operated with an external preconnected sensor (e.g., motion detector) or timer (e.g., stairs automation). This means that the luminaire automatically switches on when the supply voltage is applied.

Why my pendant light does not work?

Usually, pendant lights are tested on a table before mounting. This causes a contact between the bare, live hanging cables with each other or with another metal parts of the fixture. Such cases lead to a short-circuit which prevents the pendant from lighting. Therefore, we recommend you to apply the needed tests while holding the pendant, not when it is laying on a table. This is especially applicable for the pendants with unisolated hanging cables.

Can I shorten or extend the length of my pendant light?

Shortening the cable length of the lights with the up/down function is only possible at the cable end where the balancing weight is fixed, as at the otehr end there is no access to the cable. The fixed pendant ranges are all able to be adjusted through the base end of the fitting.

Can I dim my LED light?

Dimmable lights are marked with the icon "dimmable". It is however important to differentiate between the lights with a built-in dimming function, and lights that only allow the dimming function and require an external dimmer switch. Please also note that a light with an integrated dimming function cannot be preconnected with an external dimming switch.

What can I do in order to dim a not-dimmable LED light?

In order to dim LED lights, both the LEDs and the electronic ballast (LED driver) must be dimmable. There is therefore no way to modify the lamp.

I have replaced the halogen bulbs of my dimmable lamp with dimmable LED bulbs. Why is the light flickering?

The built-in dimmer requires a minimum electrical load, which in this case has not been reached with the LED bulbs.

My remote control is broken. Can I only replace the remote control or should I also replace the receiver on the lamp?

Basically, there is a difference between infrared (IR) and radio remote controls.

IR-remote controls are recognizable by the infrared LED installed on them (e.g., TV remote control). With an IR remote control you must aim directly at the receiver. Lights with IR receivers, you can remove the LED receiver from the lamp body. The function of an IR remote control can be proofed by looking at the infrared LED with the mobile phone camera while pressing one of the remote control´s buttons. IR remote controls can be replaced 1: 1 without having to make any adjustments on the light itself.

Radio remote controls are coded, that means each remote control is tuned to its receiver. They are recognizable by the fact that they have no IR-LED installed on them, and on their back side, the transmission frequency is stated in Hz. In the event of a defect, they must be replaced together with the radio receiver in the luminaire.

Can I switch several lights with only one remote control?

With an IR remote control several lamps of the same type can be operated. However, a parallel (simultaneous) operating of lights is hardly possible. Regarding the radio remote controls, this is not possible because of the coding.

Why does my fan remote control not work, or only works at a short distance?

Fans have an infrared receiver installed. The "eye" exists on one side of the canopy. The Fan should be mounted in a position with the "eye" towards the operating place.

My remotely controlled ceiling light is resetting every time I switch the light switch off.

When turning the light off by turning the power supply switch off, all settings will be reset to their original settings (e.g. brightness, light color,..etc). Such ceiling lights are designed to be turned on/off by only using the remote control in order to keep the settings saved. More and more intelligent lights are being equipped with a memory function in order to prevent such problems.

My motion detector, which was still working on my old light, does not work with the new LED light.

There are two types of a motion detector, one is 2-wired and the other is 3-wired motion detector. The 2-wire motion detector requires a minimum power in order to operate, and the required power cannot be reached by most of LED-lights, due to their low power consumption. Therefore, the motion detector should be replaced by a 3-wire one.

My newly purchased solar light does not work.

Batteries of solar lights discharge over time if not recharged (1% per day). As a result, the batteries of the delivered solar products are usually empty. A full charge requires 2 days of direct solar radiation on the solar field. Solar lights should be placed in a way where the sunrays are directly reaching the solar field (not under a shade, under trees, under roofs, etc.)

Does the on/off switch of the solar lamp have to be switched off while charging ?

The switch of the solar lamp can always be ON. In order to protect the solar product and to extend its life, it is recommended to store it through winter in a dry place inside the house and to remove its battery.

Why does my LED light has delay in turning on?

If an LED light is switched on by turning the light switch on, it takes a certain time until the required voltage in the electronic components is reached, which in turn let the LEDs light up. The delay time is related to the electronic components used (LED-Driver). If a light consists of multiple LED units, it might be that the units does not light up at the same time, rather after each other. This is due to the multiple LED-Drivers installed in the lamp. You can find the delay time of a lamp on our products packaging, referred to as "instant light" (e.g. "instant light < 1Sec").

Why the LEDs are still on a low light although the light is switched off?

A solution could be to swap the phase and neutral conductors in the junction box, or to plug the mains plug the other way around for table and floor lamps. If this does not help, then, in the house installation, there is probably a so-called zero offset (= voltage displacement due to asymmetric load of the outer conductor, voltage between neutral and grounding conductors). Also t he parallel cable routing in house installations can induce a voltage in the neutral conductor. A few volts on the neutral conductor are often enough to make the LEDs glow. As a remedy, the light switch can be replaced by a 2-pin light switch, so that phase and neutral conductors are turned off.

Can I mount this lamp outdoors or in the bathroom?

The IP Code (IP=ingress protection) provides information about this. The code consists of two digits:

First digit: Protection against touching and/or solid foreign objects

Second digit: Protection against water

  • IP23: Protected from water spray less than 60 degrees from vertical
  • IP44: Protected from water spray from any direction
  • IP65: Protected from low pressure water jets from any direction and 12 V
  • IP67: Protected from temporarily immersion between 15 centimeters and 1 meter in depth and 12 V

In bathrooms with a height of minimum 2.25 meters, all ceiling lights may be mounted, regardless their degree of protection. Wall lights on the other hand, require attention to the IP protection class depending on the spot they will be mounted on. For instance, a distance of 0.60 Meter to the shower or to the tub requires an IP44 protection class. But, for lights which are mounted exactly over a tub, an IP65 is required. Since we are not aware of the circumstances in your premises, you should definitely contact a local specialist.

How do I find the right fan?

1. Choose the right size:

Room size in m²

Recommended diameter in cm

Up to 12 m²

Ca. 76 cm to 92 cm

Up to 15 m²

Ca. 107 cm

Up to 20 m²

Ca. 110 cm to 122 cm

25 - 30 m²

Ca. 132 cm

bigger than 30 m²

You should use more than one fan

2. Consider the room height

It is important that the distance between the blades and the ceiling is at least 25 - 30 cm!

3. Which kind of mounting is required depending on the room height

  • Standard room heights: Use the fan with or without suspension - standard models can be used.
  • Low room heights: Use fans with direct ceiling mounting, without suspension.
  • High room heights: Use the fan with a long suspension.
  • Sloping ceilings: Use a fan that has the option to be mounted on a sloping ceiling.

Regardless the room size, there must be at least a distance of 2.30 meters between the rotor blades and the floor, and 0.60 meters between the fan and wall.

What should I take care of when buying a fan?

  1. Slope angle of the blade is the angle of the blade, with which it sweeps through the air.

  2. Blade´s form and size: a longer and larger blade can move more air. However, a larger blade is not necessarily better. It should match with the particular model.

  3. Turns/Rotations per minute (Tr/min) and the number of speed levels.

  4. Distance between the blades and the ceiling. This should be at least 25-30cm, so that a good and quiet air flow between the blades and the ceiling can be generated.

  5. Motor: A more powerful motor can move more air, of course, in accordance with above mentioned points. The motor power is measured in watts.

How can I dispose old products?

Technically sophisticated products are increasingly resulting in more and more problematic substances. These problematic substances can cause damage to humans and nature if not properly disposed of.

Therefore, it is very important to be informed about the disposal of certain consumer goods and to follow the advice of a specialist.

At GLOBO, the European guidelines are strictly maintained, in order to avoid the aggregations of electronic waste and to support an environment friendly disposal of them. To ensure that the defective products can be recycled, GLOBO products wearing the WEEE symbol (garbage bin) must not be disposed in a normal household waste, rather - according to the European directives - at the recycling centers, collection points or at the retail shops.

What should I do if an energy-saving bulb gets broken?

If an energy-saving lamp breaks, there will be no serious environmental pollution, or even an immediate health risk. Nevertheless, one should act cautiously. The hazardous substance of an energy saving bulb is mercury, which has a liquid form at room temperature and keeps attached to the broken glass. Please apply good ventilation of the related room, gently sweep up the broken pieces and arrange proper disposal of them. Besides energy-saving bulbs, all other kinds of bulbs must be also separately disposed.
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