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In our online shop you will find a wide range of outdoor lights - from modern outdoor wall lights, LED path lights and spherical outdoor lights to decorative solar lights for patios and balconies. In the following we would like to inform you about what to consider when buying your new outdoor lighting and for which application which outdoor light is suitable.

In addition, we will explain the advantages of a motion detector and the differences between solar-powered and current-operated lights. But what do you need outdoor lighting for anyway?


Outdoor lighting plays a major role first and foremost in terms of safety. It ensures that you and your family arrive safely at home in all weather. This is only possible if you can see where you're going and turn your key in the lock when visibility is good. But exterior lighting is not only important for getting home safely. In fact, good lighting in your home also ensures that burglars are deterred - especially if you opt for lights with motion detectors.

These "warn" you if an uninvited guest approaches your home. Last but not least, your outdoor lighting serves as a decorative purpose. With the right outdoor lighting, you can show off your house and garden at its best, create a homely atmosphere in and around your home and continue the style within your home outside.


In our onlineshop you will find lamps that are powered by electricity as well as those that only need sunlight. What is the difference? Solar lamps do not need any cables and therefore no electricity, because they are (re-)charged by solar energy. This is a great advantage of solar lamps: Thanks to the twilight sensor, they switch on automatically as soon as it gets dark. Since they do not require electricity, they are not only practical to install - many solar lamps are simply inserted into the ground using a pointed tip - but also save on electricity costs. This is good for the environment and your wallet. Solar lamps are mainly used as decorative lighting on the terrace, balcony and in the front garden.

But not only: We also offer powerful solar way lights - many lights even have motion detectors. Our assortment of power-operated outdoor lights ranges from wall lights to large and small base lights to spotlights that illuminate the driveway, for example. In our online shop you will find both lights with and without lamps. The latter have the advantage that you can determine the brightness and colour temperature yourself and adapt them to the respective location. THE RIGHT EXTERIOR LIGHT FOR EVERY AREA Outdoor lights are used to illuminate paths, facades, front gardens or the entrance to the garage to ensure safety. Furthermore, they create a homely atmosphere in your outdoor area in the evening and at night. There is the ideal product for every area.


To ensure an accident-free route between the garden gate or garage and the front door, so-called path lights, also known as plinth lights, are used. They are especially indispensable when the path is uneven or winding. Globo Lighting offers both solar-powered and power-operated plinth lights. Our plinth lights are often made of robust, durable stainless steel, which also looks elegant. When installing the lights, make sure that they are not positioned too far apart, so that your eyes do not have to get used to the light when changing from dark to light. This can only further increase the risk of injury! EXTERIOR WALL LIGHTS As the name suggests, exterior wall lights are attached to the outer wall - i.e. the façade. This can be directly next to the terrace, balcony or front door, for example. In our online shop you will find wall lights in a wide variety of styles: if you are looking for a rustic or traditional light, you will find it just as well as if you prefer modern outdoor lighting.


Outdoor spotlights are usually mounted on the wall, but can also be placed on the floor or ceiling. They illuminate what you want: the terrace, the pool, the driveway or the entire garden. This not only looks chic, but also provides effective protection, because unlike moths, burglars shy away from light. They will think twice before entering a brightly lit building where the inhabitants may see them from afar.


Would you like to enjoy your garden, terrace or balcony at night with atmospheric light? Then our decorative lights are just the right thing for you. At Globo Lighting you will find a large selection of decorative lights for the outdoor area, in all possible variations and designs. Discover our wide range of decorative table lamps, solar light chains as well as decorative lighting elements!


Outdoor lights are naturally exposed to wind and weather. Therefore, their design should be protected against foreign bodies and moisture. The extent of this protection is described by the IP protection class (= abbreviation for "Ingress Protection"). This consists of two digits: The first indicates the degree of protection against foreign bodies, while the second indicates whether and to what extent the light is waterproof. Common protection classes are IP44, IP54 and IP65.


If your outdoor light has a motion sensor, it will only switch on when someone approaches it. This has many advantages: first and foremost, it saves you money and protects the environment because the lamp only switches on when it is really needed. You don't have to operate a light switch if your hands are full anyway - for example, when you come home after grocery shopping. And that's not all: you don't have to do anything else to switch off your lamp either. The light switches itself off after a while.

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