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When it's hot, it's fan time

Everyone knows it: when the heat is almost too much, a light breeze on the skin is a real blessing. This is exactly the reason why we always feel more comfortable on hot summer days at the beach or even by a river. Because here the air is in motion!

Fans follow the same principle. They generate an air current that ensures that the natural film of moisture on the skin evaporates more quickly. This refreshes, even though the room temperature itself is not cooled down.

But there are even more reasons why fans will once again be among the bestsellers during the next heatwave: the devices are easy to set up, inexpensive to buy and they impress with a trendy look as well as helpful additional functions. This kills two birds with one stone: you create a pleasant indoor climate and get a pretty eye-catcher in your home. Whether in bright colours, classic or ultra-modern - decide for yourself which fan you prefer to keep a cool head.

Cool types for every room

Which model best suits your needs also depends on the size and height of the room in which the unit is to be used. Basically, the following options are open to you:

Table fans are considered timeless classics that can be placed on any table or chest of drawers. They are handy, small and designed to supply the immediate surroundings with a fresh air flow. In the office, for example, one or two workstations can be well supplied with them.

If you need a larger range, you should go for a pedestal or tower fan. Pedestal fans are usually height-adjustable and have a higher output, which is why they can also provide a cool breeze to a larger area of the room. At the same time, they are easy to transport and can be positioned wherever it suits you in no time at all.

Tower fans, on the other hand, do not have a large impeller, but impress with their particularly slim shape, which fits into any modern home. Tower fans draw in air at the back via a lamella construction and release it again at the front over the entire fan height.

Ceiling fans also manage to cover an entire room very well. Unlike all other models, they are permanently installed, which requires a certain room height. Because not only do you need enough "safety distance" below the fan, the distance between the blades and the ceiling should also be at least 25 to 30 cm so that a sufficient air flow can be generated.

As far as design is concerned, modern ceiling fans are no longer comparable with older models. Today, they are fans, lights and design objects all in one. Many devices have built-in illuminants, making them refreshingly stylish eye-catchers that also provide light. With the remote control, you can even change the colour of the light, dim it or activate the night light function.

For a cosy room climate in winter

Some ceiling fans have another decisive advantage: they help you to create a comfortable room climate even in winter. As heating air rises and collects there, it drives the cold air back down. The result: even though the radiators are turned up, your feet stay cold and you heat up more than is actually necessary. For this reason, you can change the direction of rotation of some of our ceiling fans in winter. The warm heating air on the ceiling is set in motion again by the rotation, circulates downwards over the room walls and warms the cooler air on the floor. This is easy on the wallet and ensures cosy warm temperatures near the floor. 

Tip: In winter, the ceiling fan should be set to the lowest setting so that there is no unpleasant draught.

Fans with that certain extra refreshment!

All models in our range offer several fan speeds so that you can regulate them well depending on the room temperature. Remote controls for controlling the fans are also standard today. The same goes for the oscillation of pedestal or tower fans, which distributes the air flow better. 

But a few devices can do much more: some of our floor fans are equipped with a so-called air cooler function. This means that they have a water tank and, at the touch of a button, generate a fine spray mist that is evenly distributed in the air and additionally cools. Individual programming via an integrated timer is also possible with some models, so that the device starts half an hour before you get home, for example, and guarantees you a pleasantly cool arrival.

Contemporary styling

The designs and styles of modern fans in our range are as varied as the tastes. Designed with clear shapes and lines, they fit perfectly with a modern interior style. Whether light wood, a matt metal look or ceiling fans with transparent polycarbonate rotor blades - modern models blend harmoniously into your interior style.

Attention to detail characterises our classic models, which rely on proven lines and high-quality materials. By the way, with some ceiling fans you can turn the rotor blades and create a different look depending on your preference. If you love industrial style, you will really enjoy our floor fans, and in the children's room, ceiling fans with colourful blades will put you in a good mood. Real all-rounders are our ceiling fans with integrated light, which cool your living room and at the same time bathe it in a pleasant light.

Determining the right size

So when it comes to design, whatever you like is allowed. However, there are a few things you should consider when choosing the size of the fan. The maximum motor power is indicated on the floor fans. The stronger the motor, the more air it can move. For ceiling fans, the diameter is the most important factor. The higher it is, the larger the room you can refresh with this fan. You can find out how to determine the optimum size for the desired room on our FAQs (


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