The GLOBO Handels GmbH was founded in 1998 with its headquarters in Austria. The whole European market is supplied from here. The core business of the company is the development and worldwide marketing of decorative home lighting equipment. The products are distributed to more than 50 countries all over the world at present. Our most important sales partners are: furniture stores, building centres, the specialised trade for light fixtures as well as chain stores and regional distributors.


One important backing for dynamic growth is our own network of branches for distribution in Slovakia, France, Italy, Spain and Serbia. In order to secure growth for the GLOBO-Group, further branches abroad are planned to be established.
Our range of products covers more than 2.000 items and the GLOBO Handels GmbH is positioning as a full line distributor in the market, from the creative halogen sector and innovative energy-saving products via wall- and ceiling lights full of atmosphere right down to lamps for tables, floor lamps, outdoor and décor lighting. GLOBO are considered to be trendsetters for solar and LED-technology, especially for outdoor fixtures.
The GLOBO Company employs around 200 highly qualified staff members at the moment and is one of the leading lighting retailers in Europe.
In 2008, GLOBO is building a new logistics centre in St. Jakob that guarantees an extended availability of products with 22.600 storing positions for pallets.
The cornerstones for GLOBO's successful future are research, development and design. We have been cooperating with well-known designers and the institute of higher technical education in Ferlach for years. The results of this development are presented to the market not only at various international trade fairs in Frankfurt, Milan, Hong Kong and Moscow for example, but also at regional presentations. Our comprehensive VISION catalogue is another important component part of our success.
The consistent implementation of this concept is not only a major competitive advantage, but also a decisive success factor for future growth of the GLOBO-Group.